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Body and Energy Work
Lymph drainage uses a light touch to mobilize the movement of lymphatic fluids and returning blood to your heart. It increases the efficiency of your immune system and moves blocked lymph flows. It can be very effective in reducing swelling and chronic inflammation.

Sports Massage is focused on increasing performance for physically demanding events as well as maintaining mobile muscle tissue between events. Passive and active joint mobilization are part of the process. It also improves recovery time after events.

Trigger point therapy involves applying selective pressure to knotted areas of muscle tissue in order to relieve pain and dysfunction locally as wells as referred pain areas.

Myofascial Release is all about fascia, densely woven tissue permeating the body and giving it support. Therapy brings back  pliability while reducing pain and increasing motion and mobility.

Cranio-sacral Therapy is a gentle engagement of specific areas of the body. It is designed to reduce pain and trauma.

Meridian Accupressure Therapy is a Chinese Traditional Medicine technique for relieving pain and stress based on meridian flows. Shiatsu is a specific therapy based on meridian these flows. NOTE: With the advent of more sensitive instrumentation, electrical flows through the body have been identified that correspond to these meridians.

Energy Balancing is becoming more common in the medical community. It can be used to reduce physical, emotional and mental stresses. There are many forms and labels: you may have heard of polarity therapy, tapping, reiki, chakra balancing and many other terms. Each has a slightly different focus and method, equally effective.

Aromatherapy along with Health and Wellness
are my terms for the use of therapeutic grade essential oils, homeopathic flower essences and health and wellness products. Essential oils are surprisingly powerful aids in improving health, as are flower essence. Products I use are botanically based and dermatologist tested; they are designed to improve your health both outside and inside.

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